The Land Mechanic Approach

Designers, builders, managers and owners of land usually focus on exerting control over a site, as if what happens there could somehow be isolated from the mechanics of nature. With enough resources and money, a landscape can be rendered and preserved in a superficially static condition.

But most often, a site is left to its own devices and the picture that was promised begins to change into a hybrid of what is desired and what is inevitable. Many many built spaces suffer from the sense of blight that we innately perceive when a cultivated space goes feral.

Regardless of project size, scope, budget, and type of task, when devising plans of action, we always begin with the same question: what is possible? Not only does this mindset encourage inventiveness, it reminds us to consider the capabilities of the land given the unique set of conditions each project presents. We design and plan with an atypical non-linearity, using our experience with process to anticipate and even maximize the potential outcomes.

Some advantages to hiring The Land Mechanic:
      • Because our practice focuses on process, no job is too large or small to benefit from our techniques.
      • Because our practice focuses on process, the design, build, and management phases of your project are tended as a kind of unique ecology.
      • We’re perpetually curious and eager for new challenges.
      • We are professionally trained and well-seasoned gardeners specializing in Front Range planting and its infrastructure.
      • We are licensed and fully insured.
      • We offer a full spectrum of design, construction and aftercare services for distinctive gardens of all types and sizes.
      • We recruit only high-quality subcontractors and consultants.