Family Residence, Louisville

Location: Hillsborough West Neighborhood, Louisville CO

Recently-completed construction left the entire site disturbed. Redesign of house to maximize buildout compressed our available usable exterior space. The house is situated, like much of the neighborhood, steeply above the drainage basin and open space just below. Our primary objectives were the establishment of enjoyable and varied outdoor living areas integrated with robust plantings, and the provision of a lawn terrace as large as possible for play and relaxation. Our major challenge – requiring detailed grading analysis, engineering, and specialized construction – was the method of retaining used to capture usable surfaces. Because of site soil characteristics, slope gradient, and other factors such as durability, we ultimately recommended poured-in-place concrete walls. Stone features were built to resolve grading challenges and to anchor the numerous gardens and outdoor living areas.

The front garden installation was begun in September, concurrent with preparation and construction of the rear garden infrastructure.

The rear garden was developed during 2013-2014.