Elm Garden, Boulder CO

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Begun in the fall of 2010, this large residential garden in the heart of Boulder seeks a satisfying marriage between formality and wildness on a modest budget. In just two years, we’ve established an eclectic assortment of garden types, ranging from contemporary romantic to purely naturalistic, and met the clients’ functional needs with lawns, privacy plantings, outdoor living areas and pathways.

That we achieved this richness and integrity in such a short time frame and for a sum realistic for almost any property owner speaks to the viability and promise of the Land Mechanic approach.

When I bought my home one of the main selling points was the extremely large back yard. I wanted an outside living space for both people and my two precious dogs. After going three years without making a single move forward in creating the landscape that I really wanted, I decided to hire The Land Mechanic to help me realize my visions.

Adam took a thoughtful approach and listened to what it was that I wanted to accomplish, and created a plan within my limited budget. He set initial priorities and goals, and in over just 2 1/2 years has executed a truly dynamic, thoughtful garden with many different micro-environments that encompasses everything that I hoped for. Our dogs have a great space to play, and we have multiple spots to chill, wander and enjoy some really magical environments.

We have 4 season interest and the garden is in constant show, no matter what time of year. Adam is reliable and consistent and is great at working with owners who want to have an active involvement in creating their dream gardens. His knowledge and creative aesthetic with plants is remarkable. He has acted as a mentor and an inspiration and given us the confidence to further create, cultivate and manage our garden. I would whole heartedly recommend The Land Mechanic for any project, of any size. His intention and care is unmatched in this industry.

Leah B.