Planting Design: Revving the Engine

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Plants and their support are the basis of our practice, and the core of our passion.

Like multi-dimensional chess, the performance of plants in combination, throughout the changes of moment, hour, day, season, year, and life span is so challenging it requires many years of attentive experience to gain even a shred of comfort and confidence.

We are always learning, possibly because we constantly seek novelty and surprise. We’ve never built the same planting twice because the world of plants is an infinite world of delight. And we get lucky. A lot. Because we set the stage correctly.


We specialize in:

      • Indigenous and adaptable plants for the local environment
      • Plant placement that strives to meet the criteria of human and wild ecologies
      • Infrastructure design and construction to sustain plantings, including full irrigation design and installation services
      • Unusual, lively and low-maintenance environments that become richer over time