• Ikebana
    "Sogetsu Ikebana can be created anytime, anywhere, by anyone in any part of the world, and with any kind of material. Plants are the products of mother nature, but the basic principle of Sogetsu is 'Ikebana reflects the person who arranged it.' We are the ones, using these natural materials, to create beauty...this is different from natural beauty." - Akane Teshigahara

Fundamentals are taught first, through a program known as kakeiho. Each arrangement uses three sculptural components, or shushi, whose lengths and angles differ according to the effect desired. Becoming familiar with the capabilities of each plant used guides their creative applications. Through practice, the subtle effects of

In my experience, the composition and construction of an arrangement enriches knowledge of spatial manipulation and plant characteristics. This is a perfect venue for developing a deep, contemplative mindset towards the design of landscapes.

This portfolio exhibits some of my classwork assignments from 2010, at the Boulder Shambhala Center, taught by the venerable Kyoko Kita Sensei (1926-2010).