Country Garden, St. Donat, Québec

Established in 2015 for distant (but beloved) family..

You know how deeply grateful and thrilled I am about the garden landscape you built for us, but I
thought it deserved to be put on paper.

When our charming little lakeside cottage needed a new septic system, the only solution ended up being
an abomination of a huge green plastic bin in the front yard, jutting nearly six feet out of the ground and
partially covered by a sandy, rocky pile of fill dirt. The rest of the property was flat, so this huge pile
with its plastic crown stood out in a particularly revolting way. I’m not sure it could have been uglier if
that had been the contractor’s intention. That was the first thing you saw as you arrived to the cottage.
And it was the main view from both the kitchen and the dining room. I was heartbroken.

As a result, we just stopped using the cottage. It had been our weekend and summer retreat. But for
several months, we just stopped going.

We contacted a local gardener, who proposed to cover the pile with rocks and plants. It just didn’t seem
like it would look natural. But we couldn’t imagine any other solution.

Then you came in, with the idea to add varying heights to the rest of the landscape, along with a cover
of a variety of plants. That way, the existing pile would look more natural. That made sense, but I still
struggled to imagine it. I had faith in you and your vision, though, so we moved ahead with the project.

And now, it’s positively spectacular. The neighbors stop to admire it as they go past. I can’t stop
looking out the windows at it. Not only is the original problem cleverly camouflaged, we now have a
glorious garden that we’re proud of. It truly takes my breath away.

I also loved collaborating with you on the project. It was effortless and an absolutely pleasure to work
with you. And along the way, I was happy to absorb some of your enthusiasm and wisdom about plants
and the Earth. I feel a personal connection with the landscape that we designed and built together.

We’ll long – and frequently – think of you with gratitude and friendship as we enjoy our evolving cottage
landscape. Thank you.

Alan & Michelle