About the Principal


From an early age, Adam has found excitement and satisfaction in working with the land as an advocate, writer, artist, builder, and strategist. His fondness for earth led him through the garden to graduate school, an early career in prestigious firms, occasional roles as teacher and mentor, and always, onto the ground with his hands, tools, heart, and curiosity.


He continues to add distinctive installations to a solid portfolio of design, construction, and management projects.  His fascination for process encourages an unorthodox stance towards the ecological and the cultural; he believes that by clarifying and intensifying the land’s performances, we promote human curiosity, dwelling and ultimately, deep care for this mutual habitat. Adam strongly believes that engaging the process, rather than the product, is more effective when working with dynamic systems and seeks to close the gap that commonly emerges between design intent and long-term results.


Currently, Adam focuses on broadening the reach of his company, The Land Mechanic, a small garden architecture and consulting outfit based in Louisville, CO. He seeks to apply his practical knowledge and poetic inclinations to any project that would benefit from quality, integrity, and fresh ideas. Also Adam continues to examine the expressive potential of the land through the tending of his garden projects, writing, drawing, and paying very close attention to the earth’s unfolding.